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Your true and timeless smile

Avante Dental is an exciting new dental clinic in Singapore, and our mission is simple: we build the practice based on our belief that it takes thousands of details to advance to the excellence.

We immerse ourselves in state-of-the-art dental technologies and newest advancements to serve our patients better. With a focus on structure, order and individual specifics, we are able to deliver the trusted natural smile. We name our clinic Avante to remind our team to constantly better ourselves to improve more lives.

Avante stands for our clinic’s personality. Things we value are : quality, beauty, your overall health and, most important of all, you as an individual. With all of these, we bring to you your true and timeless smile.

Avante Dental says thank you to those who believe in us, encourage us, support us and inspire us.

Per Áspera, ad Astra.

Dr. James Lee

D.M.D (Boston USA)

There are many great dentists, but there are only few artists.

Known for his expertise on implants, crowns, veneers and full-mouth reconstruction dentistry, Dr. James Lee is a trusted and renowned dentist in the region. He is constantly invited for lectures in international conferences on his particular fields of dentistry.

His unique educational background – a perfect combination of humanities, arts and science – provides him with multiple perspectives in dentistry. With exceptional visual perception on forms, shades and colours, he delivers his surgeries and dental work with one-of-a-kind talent and skills.

Dr. James Lee received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine/Dentariae Medicinae Doctor/ D.M.D. from a highly accredited dental school: Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. He furthered his training and completed an one-year post-doctorate speciality residency in prosthodontics at University of Illinois at Chicago.

He subsequently attended a top ranked dental school in Japan – Tokyo Medical and Dental University, where he earned his PhD degree. In 2013, his PhD research in dental implants defeated all the international competitors and won the prestigious IADR Arthur R. Frechette Award.

For those who know Dr. James, even if just by a glimpse, you will know he is driven by his personal calling and love in dentistry that is second to none.

The only person you are destined to be is the person you decide to be.
Dr. T. James Lee

Our Services

Dental Trauma
X-ray Services
Dental-facial Pain
Dental Veneers
Dental Implants
Implant-supported Overdentures
Dentures with Implant
Missing Teeth Solutions
All-on-X Full Arch Implants
Full-Arch Bridges with Implant
Treatment for Implant Complication

Feel free to book yourself a consultation appointment to be presented with the cases Dr. James worked on and shared in international conferences to understand the procedures better and see the actual results.



Novena MRT Exit B
Proceed to Velocity@Novena Sq
Make your way to KFC (#01-17) and TOASTBOX (#01-15)
Glass door exit in between eateries leads to the Royal Square Medical Suites ground-floor lift lobby


Monday to Saturday
7.00am to 5.59pm
$2/first hr and $1/half hr or part thereof

6.00pm to 6.59am
$2.50 per entry

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